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Eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face. Poorly shaped and over-tweezed brows will draw undesirable attention. However, when properly shaped and groomed, they can make an amazing difference to your facial structure. They can also make your eyes look bigger and wider, giving you a more youthful appearance.

What shape or style will suit you, depends a lot on shape of your face. Shape not choosen keeping in mind the shape of the face can give a lot akward look to the face.

The face shapes can be :
Oval Face Shape, Round Face Shape, Long Face Shape, Square Face Shape, Heart Face Shape, Diamond Face Shape

So according to these shapes the Eyebrows Style is/can decided.

Types of Eyebrows Shapes

Rounded shape
The rounded eyebrow shape really suits women with a wide forehead or big lovely round eyes. Rounded eyebrows can actually really bring out your eyes even though it's not that appealing to some women. Everybody seems to want a high arch but you have to know what suits your face.
Angular shape

This shape suits those of us with a round face. Arched shape The arced shape is very popular and it is most fashionable and flattering for most women. It opens the eyes, makes them appear brighter and gives a certain attractiveness to the face.

Low arched shape
This shape (the low arch) suits those witha smaller forehead because it creates the illusion of a longer face by adding length.

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